Windows of opportunity: The expanding possibilities of on board glass

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Maritime news

The possibilities for glass on board are expanding, and the style benefits are crystal-clear.

Imagine no boundaries between walls and ceiling, a great expanse of crystal-clear glass where no part of the sea or sky is out of view. The dome-like walls curve outwards beyond the superstructure, glittering in the sun like a jewel and revealing, for those cocooned inside, the raw beauty of nature in perfect clarity. In fact, you don’t have to imagine this, because yacht designers already have.

In the last decade, some long-held tenets regarding the use of glass on superyachts were discarded for a future free of the worries that once held engineers back. Yachts emerged with more glass than had ever been used before. Once owners got a taste for the full-on light and views that these clear barriers offered, there was no turning back. Less structure and more glass is the demand of the day, and there’s further innovation to come.

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