by | Oct 19, 2023 | Maritime news

Source: https://megayachtnews.com/2023/10/yacht-project-med-luiz-de-basto/

Today, builders and designers often talk about rethinking conventional layouts, especially to make a stronger connection to the sea. 

Firstly, the Project Med concept is capable of construction. Lateral Naval Architects has provided engineering support, in fact, allowing the superstructure to rely on just four sturdy supports. This is reportedly a first in yachting, too. On a related note, De Basto prioritizes concepts ready for contract. Previously, some of his boundary-pushing ideas have led to new builds, with the Oceanco DAR being a prominent example.

the yacht Project Med

With this new 302-foot (92-meter) design, the elimination of barriers is both figurative and literal. For the former, the glass superstructure, aptly pebble-like in shape, reflects the sun, the sea, the sand, and everything else around it. Additionally, while the hull appears to be one long stretch of metal, it actually does have windows, tender hatches, and other openings. They’re camouflaged when viewed from the shore or sea due to a printing technique that matches the hull color.

the yacht Project Med has an Agora Deck vs a main deck

The full effect of the elimination of barriers, however, comes on what De Basto calls the Agora Deck. It’s his name for the main deck, in honor of what the ancient Greeks called their public squares. Just as those squares were the epicenter of everyday life, the Agora Deck follows suit. It additionally celebrates outdoor living and the sensation of wellbeing that comes from being in fresh air and surrounded by the sea—the Blue Mind effect. The Agora Deck aboard the yacht Project Med purposely has few massive, set structures. Other than the stairway or some furnishings to “ground” the design (“visual anchors” in De Basto’s words), the area is for arranging as you wish. Furthermore, it can adapt as you wish from day to night and from year to year, purposely to avoid becoming dated by trends.

the yacht Project Med has open decks

The same is true inside. Beneath the Agora Deck lie two open-plan decks. Even the superstructure contains two decks with similar openness and ongoing flexibility.

Ultimately, the goal isn’t innovation for innovation’s sake. Neither is the design a rigid proposal. More contemporary flair or more traditional touches are possible on request. They’ll still work with the primary focus, De Basto asserts. “I wanted to strip the profile of everything superfluous, leaving just the right number of elements to convey the concept,” he explains.