During the last years luxury yachts designs have emerged with more glass than ever been used before. This became a mutual challenge for both the yard as the supplier. Once owners got a taste of the full-on light and views that the inside “belly of beast” offered it became highly trendy; fully glazed widebody with conical-double curved glass all the way up to the bow, complex glass shape in pools and seamless bonding on the superstructure windows (rather than framing them) -among many others-. The R&D of this specific scope item (i.e. heat savings, photovoltaic glass, quality criteria, underwater glass, walkable glass,etc) caught our interest and became our vision & passion.

Less structure and more glass is THE demand and there’s yet much further innovation and possibilities to come, which translates in other words, more development challenges for the yards…

Triton Glass knows the way forward: good relationships have already been built with all the important glass suppliers during the collaborations & cooperation on an extensive portfolio.

Experiencing from the beginning this trend while it was happening, working these design development issues throughout the very basics and constructing our way up during nearly a decade Triton Glass owner has become one of the few experts on this discipline with an extensive list of contacts within the international glass society.

From design, to supply chain support, passing throughout all engineering phases and ending on the delivery time (even after sales, Refit & Services) Triton Glass is able to ensure a successful end product with a strong background archive.


Product Management expertise

Collaboration with Category Buyers; RFQ process

Classification society consultancy on ISO 11336 regulations; official technical committee member

Support on engineering standards


Design support

Product management

Engineering support


Triton Glass owner is an official member of the ISO committee, specifically ISO-11336 and currently performing as a Project Leader on “Glass Railings & Balustrades” section of this essential
regulatory handbook. Also collaborates closely with “Skylights & Walkable glass” Project Leader.

Triton Glass owner is an EAS as well (European Adhesive Specialist). This particular knowledge on adhesive technology makes a theorical argumentation possible, which can be used to advise during test and installation processes or to design assess risks.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Striving for excellence is the mindset for success.

Vincent T. Lombardi